Blog 2015-10-16 // Falling Ahead

Yes, itís been awhile. My missives tend to be timed with the change in seasons I guess. Today marks my 64th anniversary as a human on this planet so it seemed to be an fitting time to write you.

And as time marches on, it all just keeps getting more and more interesting!

But first, before I take one more step, in two days, the health and welfare of Canada will be determined by YOU and ME getting out to vote.
Personally,I believe strongly that strategic voting is the first step towards a truly democratic electoral system. If you need info for your area, here's one of a few places you can go:

The past month Iíve been on a totally different kind of adventure as part of the Arts Club Theatre production of "The Waiting Room". Created by Morris Panych (writer and director of my dreams) and John Mann (Spirit of the West), it is based on the album John wrote following his encounter with the world of colorectal cancer. Not a subject one would assume would inspire great music or theatre, nor be particularly good fodder for humour, but oh myÖ.one would be so wrong!

With the ever-visionary Ken MacDonald's set design (that gets its own applause) and the world class acting talent of Jonathon Young, Peter Anderson, Chris Cochrane, Jillian Fargey, Bonnie Panych, & Matreya Scarrwener, plus John Mann singing his ever-loving and loveable heart out, you should NOT miss this production. It only runs to the end of October. (Oh, and the band is pretty good too! Al Rodger, Eric Reed & Brad Gillard et moi). Okay, my friends are tired of hearing me go on about it, so I'll move on.

November Iíll be doing a few solo shows in BC (see below) and writing a new album (she said affirmatively and with great intention.)

December will be spent recording a new High Bar Gang album, reacquainting myself with my house, and pondering how it could be possible that we are about to launch into 2016.

And from there Ė anythingís possible!

I would dearly love to wax on humorously and philosophically, but if I don't send this tonight, it will all be old news! And I'll be too sleep deprived to enjoy my birthday.

And yes, that means all typos must be forgiven as well. If you would be so kind.

Happy Trails my Friend!