Blog 2017-01-21 // If I Ruled the World

Happy belated New Year to you!

Ah….a new start; a new chapter in uncertainty; renewed resolutions! Okay - Exercise more; eat less; do yoga; read more books - (no… ALL the books on my bookshelves!); write more songs - (no… write an album full of the best songs I’ve ever written!); get my year end done in January instead of August; write a book; record a new album; record a Christmas album; be more productive; write you more frequently; find an assistant or manager or SOMEONE who can help me achieve all these things; oh, and help create world peace.

Let’s start with you! How are you faring? I know, I know…It’s not an easy time - we put our fingers in our ears and la la our way past the giant elephant rampaging through our collective conscience. Gee, if I knew that at least half the world was terrified of me, I might be issuing some sort of reassuring statement, feeling somewhat responsible. Oh, but that’s what a normal person would do. Oh…right…hence the anxiety. Seriously though - I just can't bear to watch.

Random unrelated rant: If I ruled the world, I would insist that film makers cease and desist making the fictional films and “games” that fill our bankrupt souls with a gluttony of images of mass destruction, terrorism, torture (particularly of women), mass murder, rampant assaults with guns and every imaginable weapon, and post apocalyptic horror. It is NOT helping matters. Oh….that’s what sells? Okay, then first I’d have to remove greed from the heart of man. I’ll put that on the New Years Resolution list.

Being home has given me the opportunity to watch some powerful documentaries. The Showcase Series with Leah Remini exposing Scientology through interviews with past members is powerful and sobering. A study in mind control and cults masquerading as churches. Last night I also discovered a wonderful documentary by british actor Johnny Donahoe called "Every Brilliant Thing". And it is indeed a brilliant piece of theatre.
Read about it here. Oh, and I just discovered it's coming here to Vancouver to the Push Festival Jan 26-29. I highly recommend it!

Okay – moving on to my trivial little Life in Music. I’ve spent the past few days working with daughter Julia Graff as she mixes the audio and edits the video for songs from our show at Blue Frog Studios last fall. But even more fun has been working with her and Claire Lawrence on the Hometown Band concert we did there in the summer. I was Julia’s age when Claire and I were first in the Hometown Band together, so to watch the two of them working together in such collaboration and mutual respect is indescribably heart warming. I love it when life spins those unexpected threads.

It's been so luxurious to have this time at home to write and catch up on so much that gets neglected when I'm full on out there. But I'm on my way! Once again, crammed in the next few months is a cavalcade of all the music I so love to play: Shows with Barney & Tom, Bluebird North, The High Bar Gang, the Shari trio with Julia and Kirby, 3 weeks of solo shows in Ontario and even a UHF show at in Calgary in April. Yee haw!

Really - that's what keeps me going - YOU. music, friendship, art, theatre, intelligent loving wise humans.

So read on for all the goods on what's coming up. You'll undoubtedly glaze over by the time you get half way to the bottom with the Ontario tour in March. But don't worry, I think I can manage another newsletter before that!

Hang in there my friend. We have each other, we have hope, there is more goodness and love in the world than....the 'other'. At least that's what Jonathan Byrd says, and I'm choosing to believe him.

See you out there my friend!
Happy Trails,