Blog 2006-06-26 // Bonjour mes amis,

Just a few days left of Spring until the longest day of the year and the first day of summer. And a glorious Spring it has been too. I've mostly been home -- writing, hiking, taking pictures, spending lots of time doing home and garden work...My favourite kind of time. Only another week though before the back to back adventures begin -- mostly centered around Pied Pumkin touring. (We're still looking to fill the last weekend in July if you would like to invite us to your town!)

Julia has weathered the grind of exams and end of Grade 10 work admirably. She has innate ability to organize her time and focus that is a force to witness. And a milestone change is imminent with her 16th birthday, which marks her getting her driver's license and starting a job working in the new restaurant right below our house in Artisan Square. (By the way, for all you Vancouverites, consider a little sojourn over to Bowen Island for lunch or dinner at the new Galley Bistro in Artisan Square. It's a great experience!)

So here's what's coming up. Again, for those of you in Vancouver note the next Bluebird North is Tuesday and we're lucky to have Blair Packham and Arlene Bishop out from Toronto for it. If you've never seen them live, you do NOT want to miss this night.

Now, read this...and step away from the computer!

Happy Trails,