Blog 2006-11-23 // THE VIRGIN BLOG

YIIPPPEE! Itís here!
Welcome to my new site! FINALLY!
My original site Ė the only one Iíve ever had Ė was generously created as a favour by my old friend Robert Ouimet about Ė oh 8 or 9 years ago! So needless to say, itís become a bit dated Ė or did about 7 years ago! Thanks to a marketing grant from our beloved Canada Council, (God, I love Canada!!) I have been able to elicit the skills of the wonderful Noah Earle out of Toronto, whose work on the new SAC website piqued my interest. This opens up a whole new world as an outlet for my other creative passion - photography Ė to have a home. And it marks the first time Iíve been able to put a creative vision into this tangible form. Iím so pleased with the way it works and looks. So check it out and let me know what you think!!

Reporting from the soggy West, I am writing from 25,000 feet en route to Smithers BC for a couple of shows (Pumkids and Pumkin. To tell you the truth, sometimes I procrastinate writing these letters because I feel sheepish about the implied arrogance that the potentially mundane goings on in my life might be the least bit interesting to you. But, as is usually the case, I get over it long enough to let you know of some of the events and concerts in which you might share an interest. But before I get to that, here are the potentially mundane goings on in my life that Iím going to hope might be the least bit interesting to you. 

First of all, for the time being, itís ďProfessor UlrichĒ, now that Iím teaching two Lyric and Libretto courses at UBC! Ha! I applied for this job a couple of years ago when I heard the Creative Writing Dept. was starting a lyric course (the first ďrealĒ job Iíve every applied for!) Meryn Cadell in fact got the job, but has had to go on sick leave - I got the call on a Friday, and started the next Monday. Yeehaw! It was a miracle that there were only a couple of scheduling adjustments to make with the Pumkin recording schedule and off I went. Iím LOVING it - the students, the routine, and paycheck and feeling like a ďrealĒ grown up. And it only took a day or so to get over my bout of ďImposter SyndromeĒ. And I am endlessly fascinated by how humans express themselves and translate life into lyric.

The Pumkin is now Ĺ way through itís recording project. This is in preparation for the tour of Childrenís festivals the Pied Pumkids will be embarking on next Spring.

Iím also in the throws of producing the next Bluebird North tour for the SAC which is both regrettably and mercifully only 5 cities this year: Edmonton, Ottawa, Halifax, St. Johns, and Whitehorse. Iíll have the full schedule and artists up on the site in a week or so.

In the past few weeks the Vancouver music community has lost three indescribably precious friends and colleagues all who have played a huge role in the careers of countless artists and musicians: Susan Englebert - who had recently retired as the regional head of CBC radio after a career dating back to the days of assisting Claire Lawrence on the Great Canadian Goldrush National radio show at the CBC; Geoff Turner Ė who with his wife Jeannie, were the original owners of Little Mountain Sound Studios later Pinewood Studios and put Vancouver on the map as a recording and TV post production centre; and lawyer Burt Harris - who was a tremendous ally to songwriters and artists with his tireless work on copyright issues. All three succumbed to cancer. All three will be terribly missed by all who knew them, worked with them, and loved them.

Itís always hard to lose such important figures in our history and lives and makes us appreciate one another even more.

On that cheery note, bed time for me.
Slow down, and take care of each other.