Blog 2007-02-01 // Take the Train Eh?

ON the train from Toronto to Halifax Ė mid Bluebird North tour.
Why would one take the form of transportation that takes 28 hours instead of two hours on a plane? I guess for the same reason Iíd do it on a bicycle if it wasnít the middle of winter, I hadnít abandoned Julia at home, and I wasnít carrying a small caboose full of equipment and instruments. Barney Bentall and I each decided we didnít want to fly home from the Ottawa Bluebird North show only to turn around 2 days later and fly to Halifax, so after Julia and I attended the Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards in Toronto, I sent her home to return to school and I stayed at Blair Packham and Arlene Bishopís beautiful little home just North of the Danforth. This morning Barney and I boarded the train and so far, itís fantastic. Itís a gorgeous sunny day and the Lake is spectacular.. Thereís really nothing like it Ė this sensation of looking out over the Canadian landscape. In the cities and towns itís often through the backyards and back lots and in the long stretches between itís an untouched wild land of frozen rivers and lakes and birch trees. Iím in heaven.

All is underscored like a movie with great music Ė a Christmas present from Julia Ė an i-pod she thoughtfully loaded with all my favourite music Ė and some she thought SHOULD be my favourite music.. Here weíve raised a whole generation of kids whose whole lives are lead with music running concurrently with their visuals. And now I get it Ė it does enhance certain experiences.

It was excruciatingly difficult to resist bringing Julia on this part of the trip. Iím so hard wired to share every experience I can with her. And she was out with me long enough to feel that familair pleasure of abandonment of responsibility of oneís life at home to which traveling musicians have come to be addicted. When I recognized the syndrome I thought better of enabling the inevitable addiction and fought the urge to keep her with me. So she boarded her first solo flight home and I got to return to a taste of life on the road alone. Something Iíve given up by having her in the band. Sheís SO much fun to travel with, but thereís something particularly rich about being out in the world on your own. I LOVE IT. I only have to stave off the ache Iíve felt for the past 16 years since she was born Ė whenever sheís not with me.