Blog 2007-02-12 // Bluebird Tour

En route back from St. John's NL back to this country is BIG. Two days ago Julia and I were heading into town on the early ferry - friends casually asking - so where are you two off to today ?... "Well, I'm off to St. John's Newfoundland and Julia's off to Paris!" How cool is that? Looking at a map I realized that in St. John's I was exactly half way between France and home. Anyway, it was the second to the last Bluebird North show - with Blair Packham hosting, Danny Michel, Barney Bentall, Justin Rutledge and Melanie Doane. My god it was fun. The second night at the LSPU hall, the audience probably spent more time laughing at the between song banter than they did listening to songs. What a bunch of brilliantly funny and talented folks. So lucky to know them, let alone play with them.

Now I'm home - Julia called from France in the middle of my jet lagged sleep. I was able to get conscious enough to report that she passed her Grade 7 Royal Conservatory of Music violin exam with honours (which thrilled her particularly since it meant she wouldn't have to keep practicing to take it again). I also gave her a brief Grammy's report - that the Dixie Chicks' triumphed (which thrills both of our liberal sensibilities) and that James Blundt won nothing (which satisfies our -"is this anything??" sense of justice).

Needless to say, she's having a fantastic time in France. Such a lucky girl...

Two songwriting events this week in Vancouver - The local Van Bluebird North with Barney Bentall, Jeremy Fisher, Melanie Dekker, Mark Perry & Ivan Boudreau - on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 7:30 at the Roundhouse (you REALLY shouldn't miss this if you live there!)
And on Thursday, part of West Van's Wintersong Festival - at the Kay Meek at 7:30 pm with John Mann (Spirit of the West), me, Norm Foote and Babe Gurr.

See you out there I hope...