Blog 2007-03-31 // Life and the pursuit of Down Time

Before I forget - a link for you....
One is an interview Julia and I did for Parenting Teens Magazine. Kind of corny sounding , I know, but it's a nice interview.. it was particularly interesting fo rme to read Julia's responses, which I hadn't yet seen.
Page 8 & 9

Last weekend UHF had a couple of shows in Alberta - First in Edmonton with the Northern Lights Folk club at the Alberta Royal Museum. It was a GREAT night and so good to play with the boys again... my god they're good. I'm in constant awe of their guitar playing skills. I clearly belong in a rock band. After a mean of local free range Pringles we set out for Cochrane. Again, a folks club at the spectacular Cochrane ranchouse - and again, a full house of the best fans a group could ask for. And the Folk Club folks, as in Edmonton, treated us SO well. The boys went home the next day and I carried on to Canmore for a fundraiser with "In The Pink" - an acapella women's group who were exceptional. They made me feel like a million bucks, telling me stories of how my music has woven though their lives over the past 30 years. That's the UP side of getting older. It really reminded me of why I do what I do.
So I'm home now, to some much craved semi-down time - which means, time to catch up on a million things before the Pumkin starts winding up for its cross Canada tour.
Julia brought home a stellar report card yesterday - 97 in math. NOT my genes, I'll tell you that. But I DO think starting music at 4 years old had something to do with it.
Back to this almost spring day that has come just before a large percentage of Vancouverites slit their wrists with another day of rain. It's breathtakingly beautiful.
Happy Trails...