Blog 2007-06-30 // Sum more

Been reveling in a few days at home before heading to Toronto July 6th to teach at Humber College for a week – with some of my favourite writers in the world I might add – Blair Packham, Emm Gryner, Damhnait Doyle, Justin Gray, James Lindeman, Dean McTaggart, Danny Michel, Lynn Miles, Haydain Neale, David Quinton-Steinberg, Andy Stochansky, Christopher Ward… man … LUCKY ME! If you’re a songwriter – no matter who good or novice you think you are – you should come!

Julia just had her 17th birthday, and we gave her own guitar. But not just “a” guitar – probably the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever played or seen. (I’m SO jealous!) I’m always on the hunt for a great guitar and am perennially disappointed. But THIS one, oh my lord. I can’t say enough about Andrew Larkin’s craftsmanship. He has perfected the art of making a guitar that is truly in tune and a mechanism for adjusting the action that is simple and brilliant. And his artistry is like nothing I’ve ever seen. We’re SO thrilled and feel so lucky to have found him. And he’s based in Vancouver! Julia and I visited his workshop which is where we found the yet to be named member of the family. If you’re in Vancouver he presently has a couple of instruments in both Rufus’ and Not Just Another Music Shop. Or check out

Time to go out and pull some weeds and put my studio back in order after 2 months loading gear in and out.

Thanks to all of you who sought out the Pumkin on tour – it was GREAT to see you. More soon….