Blog 2011-03-11 // Stuff I want to tell you

Hi All!
I've been back from the Home Routes tour for a few weeks - slammed straight into learning a whack of new tunes for the High Bar Gang, rehearsing them and doing a couple more sinfully fun shows.

A sincere expression of gratitude to the dedicated hosts on the Home Routes tour, most who, after reading about them in Readers Digest, thought it was a new adventure they'd like to try. I was their FIRST artist. Perhaps I left them traumatized, but I'm more inclined think they enjoyed the experience! And more gratitude to those of you who came to the concerts with so much warmth and enthusiasm. As with the first Home Routes tour I did, it was amazing to be dropped into the middle of your lives, your families, friends, and communities. I made some life long friends and you all made me feel so welcome.

Finally in the past 10 days I've had time to catch up on a thousand things, and just revel in being home. Mostly I'm diving into booking shows for the summer. I AM Julia's summer job after all! (But hey, no pressure!) This summer I'm working with a peer of hers as well - Ted Littlemore. Ted was in piano class with Julia when they were 5 and 6 years old (awwwww!). The family moved off Bowen shortly after and we ran into them just before Ted was heading off to McGill too! Lo and behold he's also grown into a remarkable piano player (and singer). He played a bit with us last summer and both Julia and I thought how cool it would be to put a trio together with him for this coming round of touring. Say goodbye to College Pro Painters Ted! Uh oh, I probably shouldn't speak too soon.

So my faithful fans, if any of you would like to have a Shari Ulrich show in your town - in your theatre, community hall, or roomy living room - contact me!

Over and out for now...