Blog 2013-10-10 // The Fall Report

Hello my long neglected Friend!

It occurs to me that I start my newsletters just like I started every letter home to my mother - apologizing for the long silence. How would I even recall that bit of trivia? I discovered when my mother passed away that she kept every letter I wrote her - and of course eventually phone calls and e-mails eclipsed snail mail. (I do mourn the loss of the hand written letter.) But whoah... there isn't enough room here to convey what else the letters revealed!

After pretty much being on the road since February, I am cozily, happily home. And my first order of business is to let you all know, (particularly those who ordered copies of the new album when I was on tour and are wondering where they hell yours is!), of the status of its release. Well, the album IS finished! However, I have decided, after releasing albums on my own label with very little promotion for the past 25 years, to team up with the highly regarded Borealis Records for this album. As hard as it is for me to sit on this body of work that I am so in love with and excited about, and wait until all is organized and in place for an effective launch, I know I have to be patient. But oy vey, for someone whose only time line has ever been "NOW!", it is indeed torturous. Bear with me. I promise it will be worth it.
In the meantime, if you'd like to hear some live performances of the new songs from a concert at Blue Frog Studios in the summer, you can find them HERE!

For now, Julia is back at McGill finishing her Masters and I'm am diving into planning the next year of touring and working on the album cover. In the spring, I'm thinking of playing my way across to Montreal and then back again with Julia, presumably to help move her and Luke back to Vancouver. (A mom can dream.) If any of you have ideas for venues, presenters, or homes you'd like me/us to perform in, please contact me!

Happy Trails To You, please keep in touch, and forgive any typos.