Okay, as Canadian as I am, maybe you just can't take the California out of the girl. I'm cold! Just not ready for it no matter how inevitable winter is. And all is complicated by some sort of chronic knee problem I'm experiencing which is infuriatingly compromising my mobility - a first for me.
Whine whine whine.  

Julia and I just returned from the truly Great White North - Whitehorse, YT, where we were treated to an amazing experience visiting Muktuk Adventure Tours home of 140 sled dogs. They took us and 12 of the dogs out for a long ride (using an ATV this time of year) and it was SO exciting. All the times I've been to Whitehorse I've never been shown the real country surrounding it - and NOW I get it - why folks love it there. It was one of those fantastic experiences that I've been lucky enough to have as a result of being a musician.

We were there doing a concert in conjunction with a screening of "The River of Life", the film I scored about the Paddler's Abreast cancer survivors who participate in the Yukon River Quest every year. It was inspiring and emotional to get to meet the women after spending so much time "with" them while I scored the film. It was a wonderful evening for us. 

Julia and I are heading to California on Dec. 17 to celebrate son Mike's 40th birthday - the first I've had the pleasure of celebrating - with his adoptive family. A new Wow. I spent a week with mother Millie, and we are both in awe of how we feel like we've always known one another. Just like with everyone in our "new" family, it was so easy and comfortable. I also spent time with two really good childhood friends, exploring all our old haunts and endless walks and talks. As it happened, I was also reading Anne Lamott at the time, whose stories of her own youth are set in the Bay Area as well. So all in all, it was quite the journey back to "the Homeland".

The Bluebird North series is finally back after the city strike postponed it. Our next show is on Tuesday, Nov. 27 with Yael Wand, Tamara Nile, WInston, and Adam Woodall. This will also be the first since we lost our beloved Larisa Fayad, who has done our sound since we moved to the Roundhouse. Larisa was on the plane that crashed in Thailand in September and tragically did not survive. It has been heartbreaking - she was such a shining light and beloved by all who worked with her - particularly in the dance community. I will never be able to make sense of such things.  

I won't bore you with upcoming stuff here - just check out the tour page. last thing. There is a rally planned for Sun. Dec. 9 at noon at the parking lot at Pacific Spirit Park on 16th Ave. just west of Bianca to support the preservation of the Park. Check out or for more information.

Stay warm,

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