Back To Shore

Borealis Records
Released June 15, 2019

Produced by Shari Ulrich, Julia Graff, and James Perrella
Recorded and Mixed by Julia Graff and James Perrella
Recorded in Vancouver, BC, at Monarch Studios

I spent more time crafting these songs than any other of my career I think. Writing can often be more about re-writing. I also was able to steep myself in the process more than in the past. It’s a pleasure to have it out in the world.

Track List

  1. Rocky Shores (Lyrics)

  2. Love Is Everything (Lyrics)

  3. Busy (Lyrics)

  4. The Sweater (Lyrics)

  5. Canada (Lyrics)

  6. These Lines (Lyrics)

  7. By and By (Lyrics)

  8. Mars (Lyrics)

  9. That’s What I Thought Too (Lyrics)

  10. Forgiveness (Lyrics)

  11. Ferry Tale Jig

  12. Goodnight (Lyrics)