Communication is everything... no wait... LOVE is everything!

I’m always in awe of how much havoc frozen water can wreak on our fussy little world - which, let’s face it, completely revolves around roads and cars. If we were still getting around with snowshoes and horses in the winter, it wouldn’t be so newsworthy! Though the inconveniences are consuming (my last week’s 5 hour flight to Montreal turning into 28 hours including 9 hours on the plane, an overnight in Quebec City and a train to Montreal) I still celebrate that Nature Rules - that snowflakes can bring everything to a halt. Yeah!

I was in Montreal for the International Folk Alliance Conference, which frankly, I have avoided for decades. Music conferences, where there are thousands of artists vying to be heard, have an air of desperation about them that is unsettling. But since it was in Canada this year, and revving up for the new album – and Julia and James could return to the land of McGill for old time’s sake, I decided this was the year to go. And as it turned out - it was a fantastic experience! Partly because the lion’s share of folks I’ve known in my 45 years in music were there. Friendships with such deep roots are so precious. Then there’s the whole new generation of peers that overlap with Julia’s world - Sarah and Luke of the Bombadils (she wrote a fiddle tune for my new album and they are doing pre-production for their next album with Julia & James), and The Fretless, whose spontaneous backing of Freddy & Fancine was one of the most exciting musical experiences of my life! Great music crosses over all generations.


I also made new crazy and wonderful new friends – Jeffrey Straker, Ellis Paul (thank you Suze and Phil!), and the stunning music of The East Pointers, Lula Wiles…. so many inspiring musical moments and conversations. SO much affirmation of the joys of a community of creators and the saintly folks who present their concerts.

OK - back to reality!

Julia's Dad David Graff's new video is out and I'd love to share it. And I think it bears mentioning, that yes - David is my ex-husband, and though we live in a culture where it is foreign to be supportive of one's ex, (why oh why??) between the fact that we are share a daughter who is the light of our lives, I am a fan of his artwork and his music, and no one can take the cheerleader out of me.... I'm sharing damnit! IN fact, below is the evidence that I WAS a football cheerleader in my freshman year of high school - so there! Even if Julia and James hadn't engineered and co-produced the album, I'd still be championing it because it's damn good. ENJOY! Next e-mail I'll be flaunting my OWN new album!

LOVE to you... be safe, be kind to one another, and I hope to see you out there!

Julia Graff