Look out 2019

If you only knew how often I think of writing you. But the sense of obligation to be deep and entertaining leads to protracted procrastination. My forte. Ironic that "pro" would be in any way involved in those words. 

I can't even begin to do a recap of the year. Describing my own activities seems inappropriate given the daily Gong Show just south of us and the chaos beyond. We're all a bit anxious - cocooning into our lives, families, entertainment, whatever it takes to put one foot in front of the other and find meaning and a sense of connection to one another. For others it's triggering the kind of crazy that happens when kids feel like there's no adult in charge. Four years has never gone by so slowly. 

My strategy, other than a few harmless escape tactics, no surprise, revolves around music - in all it's wonder and manifestations. The info of the performances coming up in the next few months is below (including some BTU shows!). In 2018 it's meant recording a new solo album. Yes, I know this isn't the first you've heard me talk about it! It's getting there! Once we hand it off to Borealis Records - I expect in March, there's another 3 month lag before it's actually in my hands to hand off to you. But until then, the focus will be to ensure it's well worth the wait! 

As I was signing off here before sharing all the various shows coming up, I received an e-mail from my friend, singer Rebecca Campbell alerting me to a re-run on CBC's Tapestry of Paul Quarrington's piece "Conversions". Now, I may not be the only West Coaster who regrets my creative life wasn't graced by the songs and works of Paul Qaurrington - I only know how legendary he was in Ontario and the deep loss felt by his passing from lung Cancer 9 years ago in his eastern community. So I took her lead and went to the link and scrolled down to "Conversions". Skip to 30:30 and have a listen. It's worth it. I love a great story, and a great story teller.  https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1141091395657

I'm afraid If I wait for something more profound to share I won't get this off to you in a timely fashion - Must be holiday fatigue. But I'll be back in touch soon!

Happy trails and be kind to one another! 

Shari Ulrich