This is the point in winter when I start to think it is always going to be like this. Wet, grey and cold. I did finally learn several years ago (after a mere 40 years of living here) that the trick to surviving and even enjoying Canadian West Coast Winters is all about condom-izing oneself in proper waterproof clothing. And when one has a dog, this is imperative. So I don't really mind the daily walks in the elements, but "chilled" is not my favourite state and it does wear me down a bit. But as with all trivial complaints, I remind myself daily how fortunate I am that I live in a place where there are no bombs dropping or soldiers pillaging our homes - where there is food and clean water and the basics that we all take for granted. To say nothing of the spectacular beauty of this place. So I guess the whine fest must cease.

It's been an interesting time in my tiny life. Not a lot of performing in the past few months but LOTS of solitude which translates into writing - both The Book, and some new songs. Sometimes I think I love solitude a little TOO much. Julia is of course off at McGill for her final year and Bill has been working constantly - hence the solo time. I really am happiest at home in my little world - though I also love being out in the Big World. I'm a "Love the one you're with" kinda gal. Anyway, other than the delicious chaos of family at Christmas, almost since October it's been me and Louie and our routines. Thankfully, mine is decidedly more interesting than his.  

In May I head out to Montreal to join Julia so she and Ted and I can tour around Quebec and Ontario between when she finishes school and when she graduates on June 7th. In fact, I'll be taking the train on the way out - playing on the train actually! It's a program Via rail has...if you want to come, I'll be leaving on Train 2 on May 4th!). And Julia and Ted and I will be playing on the way back as well! (Train 1 on June 14th). Come on....it'll be fun! Uh...I think....

I'm still looking to book more Shari shows with Julia and Ted in the east. I know I've raved before about what a great trio this is, so I won't repeat myself. What we have confirmed is below, but we'd love it if you'd invite us to your town, community hall, or home for a concert around these dates. Just e-mail me and we'll talk! Shari's e-mail

I'm also booking shows for the trio for the rest of the summer while I have Ted and Julia, (the pressure of being their summer job!) so feel free to contact me if you're interested in us playing in your area. 

Thank you so much for reading my missives. Usually, by the time I finish writing a newsletter I think...who the hell cares?? And then you send me wonderful notes that affirm I should keep doing it.

So enjoy the slow road to Spring. 

Oh....and since I have to sneak in some nagging....
Never turn your back on a running faucet.
Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
Play nice.

Happy Trails,

Julia GraffComment