February in 'Limpic Land

Hello my dear friends!

Most have you were notified back in November that the new CD was finished and almost available. Of course I intended to follow that up with the confirmation that it IS out, along with Christmas - then New Years Greetings. So much for intentions. So by now I'm on to the second pressing, which in fact allowed me to correct the glaring typos etc. that I committed in the original booklet. Mistakes like, oh - repeating an ENTIRE song! I guess working 24 hours straight to finish it wasn't such a smart thing. Oh, but by now, those of you who have been on my mailing list for awhile are accustomed to a regular serving of typos. Perhaps you even find it comforting! A few of you have begged me to send my posts to them for proof reading first. But noooo - my childish & chronic "I can do it myself" - and usually impulsively at 2 am when I don't WANT to wait until morning - approach reigns. Here's what son Mike had to say about the botched booklet:

"Oh man -I am so sorry. Oh well - those who notice may just be confused by it - think it was intentional - wonder why - and for decades after your death people will be debating the hidden meaning behind it. It will be the subject of a VH1 Behind The Music documentary, and in the movie about your life, an aged Hanna Montana will portray you berating your record label for the mistake, just before you shrewdly let slip as you announce the song at your next sold-out arena show that the double-printed liner-notes are out there, but probably not for long, which drives record sales through the roof...forever mythologizing the mistake.

Or they might just think you f***ed up."

Heh -assuming it's the latter, for those intolerably disturbed by the glitch, I will send you a copy of the corrected booklet. Just write me at info@estherrecords.ca with your mailing address. 

By all reports, the album "works". I considered sending some quotes from the heartfelt e-mails I've received from those who have heard it, but that just seemed too self-aggrandizing. The true test to me is that folks say they're listening over and over again. That's music to my ears. So of course I encourage you to go to the website and order it. There's a couple of tunes there you can listen to, and a run down of each of the songs. The fave seems to be the one I wrote for the previously quoted son Mike. "By the Grace of Goodbye". You can also download it at CD Baby and iTunes. 

Once I had a window, I indulged in my classic Post Big Project Syndrome - Home Improvement. I don't know what it is a but that's been my pattern as long as I can remember. Usually it involves the cleaning out of closets and drawers and culling of possessions. This time it included painting and carpeting the stairs down to my studio. I think it was my way of connecting the studio to the rest of my house (read 'life') and warm up the cold walk down to Belly of the Basement. Such symbolism - such allegory. It's done. It's good.

So back to life. Just a week ago I decided I REALLY wanted to have Julia play with me at the two Olympics gigs I have coming up next week, which coincides with her Reading Week at McGill, so I'll be picking her up at the airport this morning. Whoo hoo! We'll be at Robson Square (along with Bill) at 4:00 pm this Sunday, February 21st. Then on Thursday, Feb. 25th at 7:00 pm I'll be hosting CBC's presentation of Bluebird North, (AT the CBC's Studio 40) along with Adaline, Tariq Hussain, Joel Kroeker, and Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother. There's not that many tickets left, so you if you want to be there, you should e-mail right now: CanadaLiveInVancouver@cbc.ca

I just had a FANTASTIC experience in Victoria doing two shows at the Alix Goolden Theatre (one of my favourite venues) with a 150 voice community choir - "The Gettin' Higher Choir". (They're actually 400 strong but only 150 could fit on the stage!) I have choral arrangements of a number of my songs and am keen to do more concerts with choirs, so if you are a member of one, or know of one in our community who you think might be interested in working with me, please write me at info@estherrecords.ca. 

There's shows coming up with UHF and Barney and Tom - all listed on the website, so I encourage you to go there to check them out. I'd better send this off before I have a chance to find any mistakes!

All the best to you all, and keep in touch.

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