Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Wow. Life is crammed. This is the most I've worked / played and all that it entails - in my life! The Pumkin tour has been a fantastic adventure. Everywhere we go there are so many stories about how the Pumkin's music has woven its way through the lives of people - and their families - 3 generations of them. That's the up side of having a 34 year history with a band (that, and loving those boys to death!). The down side? I rarely recall whatever show they earnestly describe as the first time the saw us. Nada. Zippo. I often say, I've had a fantastic life - if ONLY I could remember it! Of course, touring BC in the summer is as good as it gets. But there's something else going on, and I can't quite put my finger on it - the music is feeling phenomenally GOOD! There's a list below of all the shows remaining in the tour, so I hope to see you at one of them.

The big news in my tiny little life is that Julia has chosen McGill for Unviersity. The combination of cognititive sciences and music courses offered are perfect - the city is of course, fantastic - and she loves the French culture. So Montreal it is! (If you know anyone in Montreal who might like to do a house trade for a week beginning Aug. 22nd, let me know!) As close she and I are, it's impossible to imagine the separation - and we both are looking at it with a combination of excitement and trepidation. And I'm losing my accompanist! She'll be 18 on June 27th so I guess it's supposed to be time. Whoah - I still catch myself feeling incredulous from time to time that I'm actually somebody's MOTHER, let alone able to grok that she's 18.

In spite of my craving to stay home this summer, that's not in the cards. Right after the Pumkin tour Julia and I are heading to New York to visit cousin/neice Dara before teaching in Toronto for a week, and there's shows all through the summer. (Any "must see"s and "must do"s in NY you'd like to pass on, please do!). But I am NOT complaining. Not a day goes by that I don't feel profoundly fortunate to be a musician. It keeps me young and very happy!

There's more info below the Pumkin dates about stuff happenning so keep reading. But for here, let me sign off by saying I hope to see you out there - write me - and be kind to each other! And truly, I mean that. I am continually amazed by the impact ALL have on each person we cross paths with in a day. You have the power to lift their spirits or ruin their day. Be kind. Be patient. Have compassion.

Happy Trails,

Julia GraffComment