Spring news and views

Life just has a way of relentless rolling on, doesn't it? Better than the plethora of alternatives of course, so I'm not complaining. It just seems to be more crammed than ever with a whack of random and disparate projects and obligations and time sucking computer work. I know, it's not just me! It seems to be the way of our lives in this part of the world.

Spring has brought lots of rain here on the Wet Coast - a few glorious warm days - none sequential and just enough to torment and tease us. It also marked Julia's return to the nest from McGill. Man, this growing up thing is GREAT! She's a GREAT cook! Whoo hoo! Her presence also forces me to Step Away - go for a bike ride, or just cuddle up and watch an episode of Modern Family. I need that. 

As I wrote last time, the band for all but a couple of shows this summer includes Julia and a McGill peer of hers - Ted Littlemore who is a brilliant piano player. When they were in piano class together at 5 years old, I could never have imagined this. It'll be a night squeeze in the Element, but we're really looking forward to changing up the instrumentation and having 3 strong singers in the trio. It'll be quite a change for me from the long and lonely winter of my solo touring. Sharing the driving for one thing!

I'll give you all the dates and info below. PLEASE so come see us if we get close enough to you! And if your town isn't on the list, INVITE US! As you'll see, there's several house concerts on the list - always easy to organize and really fun. There's lots of room left for more shows in July & August.

A couple bragging bits:
"Annabelle's Fiddle" -off "Pumkids" - the song countless parents have either cursed or thanked me for - depending on whether they find the sound of their child learning to play the violin birdsong sweet or cat howling sour (usually both) - has won the John Lennon International Songwriting Contest in the kids category. Well, I think it's called a "winner". In each category they declare the winners as 3 finalists and a Grand Prize winner. I was a finalist. (I'm calling it a winner damn it!) And "By the Grace of Goodbye" won something in the US West Coast International songwriting contest, but I haven't been informed as to what yet! I decided I should enter a few songwriting contests - that it would be nice to win something since no one seems to be nominating me for a Juno or Nobel prize. A girls gotta get it where she can!

I always think of a dozen things I want to talk about when I write you, and then when I finally get to it, most have been replaced by more trivial matters. But I'm SURE they were all rivetingly thought provoking and amusing.

I wouldn't wait up if I were you...

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