The Long Winter


Okay - just this ONE little reference. Though it goes without saying (and even Ms. Verbose here doesn't want to talk about it anymore) that we're all continuing to reel about the state of the union down south. The disturbing effect on the hearts and spirits of millions is unprecedented. Of course, the most often uttered question is "How did this happen?".

Pete Heitzman, one of the most probing and curious minds I know, sent me this link to a truly fascinating interview with George Lakoff - linguist and cognitive scientist and director of the Center for the Neural Mind and Society at UC Berkeley. Check it out. It's fascinating. Somehow understanding helps - a tiny bit anyway.
One last little gem for you, and this comes from Jonathan Byrd who discovered John Fullbright from Oklahoma at the recent Folk Alliance Conference. This song just slayed me. There's songs and then there are the ones that grab your heart and don't let go til the last note. And if fact, SO many of Jonathan's songs do that or me. If you don't know Jonathan Byrd, you should, and then you should sign up for his newsletter. He's an inspiring writer wherever his words land. 
That's enough out of me! I'll try and write a bit more frequently from the road over the next month.

And may I add, in honour of Canada's beloved humourist, story teller, and connecting thread woven from coast to coast, Stuart McLean - be kind to one another, give out a few extra hugs, share your stories, laugh out loud as much as possible, and let's stay huddled close.


Love, as always,

Julia GraffComment