The Morning After and Beyond

I started this post over a month ago - the day after we played the last 2 shows surrounding the actual CD release date of June 21st and my last shows for awhile with the full band - Geoff Hicks, Kirby Barber, Scott Smith, Cindy Fairbank and Julia Graff. A girl simply couldn’t ask for better. It took me a few decades to realize what is most important to me in’s those who understand that we are all there to serve the music. It’s not about dazzling an audience with skill and prowess, (though they certainly can and do) but it’s about Serving The Song. And they get that and I love them so much for it - and for the exceptional humans that they are - kind, thoughtful, dedicated, and wickedly fun to be around!

To me, making music isn’t about us - the singers, songwriters, musicians - it’s about celebrating what a powerful force music is - how it forges its way into us and makes us think and feel and reaches and opens up places in us that we don’t even know are there. Whatever the heck it is, I’m in awe of it. And everyone who plays a part in that is damn lucky and should honour it. (Oops - sorry about the “should” - it’s a feature of “maturity”!)

Performing is kind of an odd thing to do if you think about it. The writer or musician spends thousands of hours alone in a room, working on their craft, because they are utterly compelled to do so. And then they arrive on a stage where people watch them do this thing that they love. It certainly makes for a challenge to be comfortable and grounded - they didn’t come up with the “stage fright” for nothing! Fortunately I’ve never been inclined to feeing anxious about being on stage, but, believe it or not, (and if you’ve been to any of my shows in the past 35 years you won’t) I used to simply DREAD talking to an audience. Playing? Singing? Totally comfortable. But talking?….I was a mumbling bumbling ball of insecurity. It was torture. But as time went on I realized that if I was “myself” and didn’t think I had to be anything or anyone other than that, it was a breeze. Now I have to learn to shut up and play the song! And I may have lost more than a few filters along the way! It’s more fun than could have ever imagined in my inhibited youth.

Now, fast forward to the present…after a trip to Eugene to visit son Mike and family, a serene river rafting trip on the Columbia, a Paul McCartney concert, Butchart Gardens with the High Bar Gang, and way too much time in front of the computer advancing tours….tomorrow….

Tomorrow the Pied Pumkin is doing a set - the first show in 7 years - in celebration of Rick Scott being inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame…and I won’t even tell you where because it is very sold out. (sorry!) But I am already feeling so moved revisiting this music. Simply put, there never was, and never will be - anything like the Pumkin. The incomparable and mighty spirit of that music, driven by the unique treasure that is Rick Scott, taught me everything I know about all I said above - as well as how to be in-the-moment as a musician. The joy of that music was/is SO utterly undeniable and the love we have for it and each other was the foundation of all I value about music. So kudos to Valley Hennell for seizing the moment with Joe being over from France and the stars aligning of me having a week between shows in Ontario. It’s kind of an orange miracle. Hang on!! Pumkins are in the house!

After the Stewart Park Festival in Ottawa - the hottest I’ve EVER experienced but SO enjoyable nonetheless - we had to send Julia home to her “other” job as a music editor, and flew the equally delightful Kirby Barber out to join me and Cindy Fairbank for the rest of the shows. I couldn’t resist sharing the selfie of the three happy damsels. The BEST travelling companions EVER! My fave was the Wingham Town Hall Theatre, a 105 year old Opera House restored thanks to the love of the amazing Beard family, and some dedicated donors. We met cellist Thomas Beard at McGill when he played in the string quartet on the “Everywhere I Go” album and have since fallen in love with the entire family. His parents have raised 3 remarkable musicians and played a huge part in their community with their “For the Love of Music” series (that Thomas AD’s) and many conservation and restoration initiatives. It is so inspiring to see what people can do when they lean in and put their efforts into positive change. To say nothing of their dedication to bringing an eclectic mix of remarkable music to that gem of a theatre. Thomas played with us that night and in Guelph so now of course I want a cellist!! Preferably HIM! But alas, he’s far too busy. Damn you Thomas!

Okay - enough with the earnest enthusiasm and onward to seducing you to shows! We have 3 CD release concerts left in this run - Hugh’s Room in Toronto on Tues. Aug. 6 (with my friend and fellow Borealis label-mate James Keelaghan - just because I love him and want to hear his new songs), Aug. 7 at the Carleton in Halifax, and Aug. 9 at the Indian River Festival in PEI. Cindy and Kirby will be with me and I can promise you won’t regret missing a night at home watching Netflix. I get to hang for a few more days in the Maritimes which I am mighty excited about! Old friends, a different ocean, and….who knows what else!

The next missive will cover the musically unrelated topics I’m dying to share with you!

Happy trails and I hope to see you out there in the world!


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