Verily Merrily

Happy Festivas!

Every year I come into this season in a state of whining denial. Then at the first sight of twinkling lights my heart melts, the annual counting of the days until Julia returns begins (now only 6!), and I launch the lighting up of the house. (Watching Julia emerge from the airport escalator is one of my favourite moments in life.) We're planning on logging a lot of couch/movie/popcorn time and going for as many bike rides as the weather will allow. I've said this before, but let me say it again - I particularly like how our culture gives it a rest between Christmas & New Years. It's a blessed relief. 

I'll also be celebrating that I've managed to keep the dog alive. When Julia went off to University I figured I'd have to keep him alive till she finished. Then she went back for 2 more years. Oy vey. Now that he's almost 18 it's miraculous he's still here - and seemingly pretty happy (and highly entertaining in his senility). I'm hoping when I'm 126 someone will say the same about me. 

I hope you have a peaceful, love filled christmas and manage to keep the 'stuff' to a minimum. Really... we just don't need any more stuff. (Music doesn't count!) Give the gift of your time with the people you love and maybe some of that money to people who are doing the work in the community you don't have time to do.

Happy trails to you my friend,


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