Summer always seduces me into kind of a suspended state – days on end of warm sultry weather lulling me to think it will ALWAYS be like this. Like living in LA without the oppressive humidity, smog and crime. It’s so cliché to say “I LOVE summer” – who doesn’t! – but man oh man. Last Sunday Julia, Bill, Jane and I played at the Harmony Arts festival in West Vancouver – on a stage just a few feet from the waves lapping behind us. A cool breeze blowing off the water – families and couples all cuddled up together on the grass. It was heaven.  

This summer has definitely been a sweet one, with Julia and I playing a whack of shows together and traveling to so many great communities throughout BC. And with her having added so many new instruments to the sound palate, it’s added an inspiring dimension to the show. I daresay it’s been my favourite summer EVER, if you discount the broken toe and the forest fires (not in that order of importance mind you).

I don’t usually go into health and welfare issues here, but I did have a BIG eye opening realization I feel compelled to share with you in case it might spare someone what I went through. You may recall back when I first finished the new CD I commented on how exhausted I was. Well that state actually continued, to the point of being downright debilitating, for six months. Finally a light bulb went on when I realized it coincided with taking the supplement CoQ10. The day after I stopped taking it I felt completely normal again. Turns out those with low blood pressure (like me) shouldn’t take it. BIG lesson. Supplements are NOT harmless, and we should do lots of research before taking anything! So that’s my cautionary tale for the month. That, and don’t make toast in the shower. 

Julia and Shari’s Big Adventure continues this weekend with 3 shows on Vancouver Island in Duncan, Parksville, and Nanaimo; Mission, BC on the 11th; Penticton and Birch Island on Aug. 20th & 21st, and beginning Aug. 26th we finally play ONTARIO! Oakville, Brampton, 2 nights in Toronto, and then on to Montreal (and Julia’s return to McGill) with a show on Sept 4th. Son Mike and his adoptive Mom Millie are both coming to Montreal – to experience this amazing city where his sister is spending 8 months of the year, and Mike will perform with us at le petit “Yellow Door”. Whoo hoo! You can get the details on the "tour" page and PLEASE do come out to hear us and say Hi!!  

Lastly, I can’t thank you enough for all the heart warming posts, letters, e-mails and all methods of communication via which you’ve been sharing stories about how songs on the new album have worked their way into your lives, or conversely told stories of your lives. They are the best gifts you could give a songwriter and they mean the world to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So stay cool, take a deep breath, and hope to see you out there.


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