The season of Dog

I'm hold up at home preparing to do a solo tour of house concerts. It mostly involves learning to play harmonica in the fine folk tradition of it being the only way to add a soloist and still be solo. It's a whole new skill set requiring, unlike the other wind instruments I've played, sucking AND blowing, and the coordination of knowing when to do which. Trickier than you'd think, though millions have mastered it before me.

Though I will be performing solo, I will not be traveling solo. Louie, the handsome boy above, is coming on the road. Not the most practical way to do a tour of house concerts, given the tolerance required from the hosts, but I figure if I get stuck in a prairie snow storm for days on end, he'll keep me alive with his body heat. It's worked for the ferry line up in the winters all these years. Plus, it will be good to have someone to help me with the driving! 

Actually, I'm really looking forward to the adventure. The only down side is I'm a drowsy driver. So feel free to send me any of your helpful hints for staying awake (no illegal drugs). Here's the route - and you can find all the details on my website... It will be GREAT to get back to Saskatchewan and some of the outposts of Alberta I haven't been to in awhile.

Note, the date in Kelowna isn't a concert - I'm doing the honours of inducting Chiilliwack into the West Coast Music Hall of Fame at the West Coast Music Awards. I was so pleased to be asked considering how much I respect and adore Bill Henderson. I remember listening to the genesis of Chilliwack - The Collectors - at the Fillmore West in San Francisco singing the "What Love Suite" when I was a teenager. (Gee, here I am uttering that dreaded sentence myself). Of course, I never could have DREAMED what the future would bring. Life is so unplanned. 

Happy trails to you all, thanks for listening!




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