Busy, busy, busy

I’d venture that the past several months have been the busiest of my 35-year career in music. Other than missing being home with Julia and the dog and the garden, it’s been fantastic. I finished scoring the NFB film, “The River of Life” the day before the Pumkin left on its 44-show tour of children’s festivals across the country. I had actually hoped to have the film score finished before the Pumkin rehearsals started, but the fact that I didn’t meant the juggling of time and making sure that neither got short-changed was – whoa – let’s just say I didn’t get a lot of sleep.  

Once we hit the road, though, the pendulum switched dramatically the other way. Playing kids festivals means we’re finished by noon or 1 pm and nothing to do but groove till the next day – staying 4 – 7 days in each town. I always rent a bicycle when I arrive and explore. I don’t think I’ve ever toured the country in the spring, and seeing these cities at this time of year is a whole different experience. What a country. And the shows are a blast – one thing about kids shows - the audiences NEVER hold back.  

One more show in Thunder Bay to go, then home on father’s day to celebrate with Julia’s dad. She’s just had her last day of Grade 11, and has done a remarkable job of holding down the fort while preparing for exams. Kids have to work way too hard.

There’s a Bluebird coming up in Vancouver at the Roundhouse on Tuesday, June 19th with Aaron Grant, Heidi McCurdy, Ryan McMahon, Hayley Sales & Paula Toledo. Hope to see you there. Check the details on the “tour” page for bios etc.

For any of you who are songwriters, I’m joining the faculty of Humber College in Toronto July 7th – 13th along with a whack of GREAT writers – Jules Shear, Damhnait Doyle, Justin Gray, James Lindeman, Dean McTaggart, Danny Michel, Lynn Miles, Haydain Neale, David Quinton-Steinberg, Andy Stochansky, and Christopher Ward. This will be a fantastic experience and well worth your time and investment. You can get more info and register at www.humber.ca or by contacting Madeleine Matte at 416.675.6622 ext. 3446 or madeleine.matte@humber.ca.

Here’s to a great summer for all. Hug your kids and loved ones, and Happy Trails.


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