May Mumbling

Happy belated Mother’s Day! We’ve all been one or had one, so - pretty universal. I did enjoy it more when I could actually call mine, but it’s sweet to be be celebrated as one (though I still have moments of thinking…”I’m someone’s MOTHER???") Julia and I spent the day together - took the water taxi to Granville Island and rode our bikes around the sea wall. How Vancouver. Son Mike was dutiful to the pattern established last year of forgetting it altogether followed by a highly amusing e-mail. I'm giving him a good 10 years grace period before I expect him to remember the Canadian Mother on the Hallmark appointed day. 

Apparently the Winter That Would Never End is finally over! The memory of its harsh grip is being obliterated by the scent of blossoms and the warm steaming earth after a rain. It’s intoxicating. I’ve planted 3 Blueberry bushes, pulled 100 dandelions, mowed the moss that masquerades as my lawn, sat in the sun like a lizard just to heat up, and rescued a goldfish from the brink of death in the sludge that was my fishpond where I happened to spot it under a rock on his side looking VERY dead. (I saved him! Is that how ER docs feel?). A good start to Spring.

Julia’s home from McGill (and as we speak, is playing through every piano piece she's ever learned - currently the selection is the theme from "Titanic" – (help me!) and going for her first job interview tomorrow - gardening. (Note to self: show her how to wield a hoe, shovel and rake before she leaves for her first day of work.) It’s great to have her home. We have lots of shows this summer, and an adventure south to visit family in the works.

For the practical news portion of this note - Barney Bentall, Tom Taylor and I are finally doing a CD release concert – our first show ever in Vancouver – on Friday, May 29th at the Roundhouse. 8:00. You can get tickets ($20) at the door, or write for reservations.  

In the meantime, don't forget to look up and breathe deeply.

Bed time.
LOVE bed time!

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