Notes from Points East

It is no wonder there are so many songs about trains. There is nothing quite like the sense of peace, promise and pondering that is evoked by looking out the window of a moving train. This is one of those things that makes me want to give it all up and just ride the rails. I am such a "Love the one you're with" kind of gal - whether it's musical trios, cities, or adventures - I'm lovin' it and want to keep doing it. 

I'm en route to Ottawa from Montreal, having rendezvoused with Julia after 4 months and helping her move out of her McGill residence and into a classic students' ghetto apartment. Mostly I cleaned 9 months of sticky dust and dirt from - well, everything - and tried not to squeel "ewwwww" at every turn. But I was encouraged that Julia's portion was not as bad as the rest - and that she really didn't need, or necessarily want my help. I spent most of my visit riding a bike around the city and enjoying Spring in Montreal.

Okay, now I'm LEAVING Ottawa on my way to Toronto. I participated in the National Arts Centre "BC Scene" in a concert called "BC Legends" (with Barney Bentall, Roy Forbes, Valdy, Ferron, Leon Bibb, and Will from the Irish Rovers). It was a huge success and so much fun to be a part of it. We attended a reception given by the PM's wife the day before at 24 Sussex. Nice pad! Unfortunately, there was no opportunity for a rant about the arts and the CBC, but I did surrender to the impulse to jump on the trampoline in the back yard! And later with Ms. Harper and her two boys in the audience, and Julia joining me on stage on piano and violin, I was able to put in a good plug for the importance of music in schools. 

Now...back to looking out the window.

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