Oui, C'est Bon!

We're halfway through the the six week run of ON and QC. The weather and humidity is escalating daily. Yesterday Toronto was 40 degrees. Even now at 9 am I'm melting - enhanced by this lap top baking my lap. OMG, I miss the west coast...and the dog...and riding bikes with Bill. 
But really, the trip has been fantastic so far. We even took a little detour to Quebec City for a couple of days of being total tourists. SUCH a great adventure. Until yesterday, this has been a perfect time of year to tour these parts. We try to take the back roads instead of the terminally boring major routes and have seen some gorgeous countryside. We even played in a barn in Perth! We've met so many remarkable folks and the phrase "I rely on the kindness of strangers" comes to mind daily. "The kids" are playing and singing stunningly well and there's lots of silliness in the van. 
On the subject of the van, for those who have always wondered if the rental car insurance your credit card promises you really does "work" - I've kindly tested it out for you. You're welcome. Day one - picking up Ted - "who the hell put that concrete pony wall there??? I called the number on the CIBC site. I have my claim number and I just give it to Alamo. Halleluyah!!! Okay, perhaps some paperwork is involved, but still, no money! What a relief! 

Julia has totally taken on the role of the sound tech now, which makes setting up seamless. This chapter is remarkable - where your kids come back with all manner of skills that have nothing to do with your tutelege. It's a wonderful thing. 
She and I did some power nesting in her new place once we finished the first leg of touring and had a few days free. It's appropriately funky for a University student, but is quite comfortable now. Thanks to friends Jason and Aileen and Connie Kaldor, we now have enough bedding for the clan who all arrive the day after we get back to Montreal, just in time for graduation day. Unfortunately, thanks to the daily demonstrations in Montreal, McGill has had to move the ceremonies indoors away from McGill, as apposed to their historical site on the lawn by the gates of the University. Maybe it's a small thing in light of the bigger picture, (which, at this point we are utterly unable to "get" - perhaps someone here can enlighten us) but Julia's feeling a bit cheated out of a ritual that she worked mighty hard for for years to earn. But still, we shall celebrate and it's wonderful that David and Holly and Mike can be there.
If you're in Ontario, please have a look at the schedule and try to catch a concert near you. We added a last minute show in Toronto TONIGHT and would LOVE to have a full house!
For everyone else, I hope to see you out there somewhere this summer. Be kind to one another and I'll be in touch soon. Stay cool.

Happy Trails!

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