Road Dog Report

There have been SO many fantastic chapters to this summer, but one of the highlinghts was being joined by my childhood friends (since preschool!), Jean and Ronalee. They were roadies for 4 days, which included a High Bar Gang set on July 1st. It was a blast to have them with us, and to be able to look out at the audience at two people who KNEW the mother I was singing about; who KNEW the House up on the Hill; who knew my siblings and my Dad. The threads of history with lifelong friends is an incompar-able bond and it was such a treat to have them drop into the middle of the chaos and adventure that was my summer. It felt like they should always be there.

The first week of July the Pumkins arrived on Bowen for two days of rehearsal and off we rolled to the Kootenays and beyond for a 3 week tour. It included opening the Vancouver Folk Music Festival's 35th year as one of acts who had played the very first one as well. There's that history again. 

It was a fantastic tour. We were a wee bit pooped after 23 shows in 22 days, but we were more than bolstered by our sold out and VERY enthusiastic audiences. There's no fans like 'Kin Heads, let me tell you. The music is SO uplifting and wild and fun, and frankly, those are all things folks are HUNGRY for, and we were more than happy to give it to 'em. 
We filmed a concert at Blue Frog Studios in White Rock, so there will be some videos posted soon to archive this chapter of Pumkin, if not a full DVD. I'll let you know.

Before we knew it we were saying goodbye to Joe Mock for his flight back to France. A bittersweet farewell. We hold out hope that someday he will return home to Vancouver to live. Again, the history we share - almost 40 years of playing together - makes for a very deep friendship. It's definitely the upside to getting older. The friendships, the appreciation of one another, and the shared experiences, run deep.
Ahh...HOME for 3 days! YAY! How sweet it is! My own bed! Laundry! Whoo hoo! Day one I had 3 naps - the next two days I slept 10 hours. Wow...Feel damn good.

Hey...A HUGE thank you to the many generous hosts, presenters, volunteers, and indescribably kind folks who played such a part in this summer of touring. I parted with so many of you feeling like I'd made great new friends. I feel fortunate beyond words to be able to play music, and have these remarkable experiences. Thanks to all who made it possible!

Okay - I'll stop now, or this will never get off to you!

Back on the road tomorrow with Julia and Ted...
We have six more shows before they head back to school. (I think I already told you - Julia is going back to McGill for 2 years for her Masters degree in music in Sound Recording.) 

Check to the left for the last dates for the trio in case you can make one of them. Have a wonderful rest of the summer, and do keep in touch. I love hearing from you.

Happy Trails,

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