Life continues to unfold with lots of challenges and surprises. I can't help but think that much of what I'm experiencing these days is reminiscent of that chapter of our lives when we first broke away from home, our parents, our childhood and embarked on 'life out in the big world'. There is a long hungered for, intoxicating sense of independence and freedom. But moreover, it is a fertile ground for a type of pondering and observation of the world around me that is the life I missed as a writer when my focus shifted to motherhood - that primal, choice-less diversion fueled by such compelling love that we are powerless to even remember what our former focus was. I'm sure it's to ensure the survival of the species. Both Julia and I are getting a kick out of knowing the other is working hard and enjoying our new lives so much. Montreal and McGill definitely suits her. 

The new "Live at Cates Hill" CD from the trio of Barney Bentall, me and Tom Taylor is done! It did the CD cover, which was immensely satisfying, though a LOT of work, given I had to learn the graphics programs at the same time. The fantastic photos were taken by Barn's wife Kath and we had a blast working together on it.

The solo CD is shaping up beautifully. Bill did a string arrangement for one of the songs, which we sent to Julia and on her visit to Toronto for Spring Break she went into Blair Packham's studio and recorded all the parts. (Unlike that earlier e-mail, I'm LOVING technology at the moment!) David Celia, a new favourite singer/songwriter friend of mine from Toronto, came out to do the Bluebird and offered to play guitar on a few songs - an unexpected bonus! Such wonderful playing. It's getting very exciting as I see the end in sight. 

Barney and Tom and I are doing some a weekend of shows on Vancouver Island, Gabriola Island and Pender Island April 9,10 & 11 (check them out on the site) and then there's the big concert at the Stanley Theatre with The Universal Gospel Choir on April 18. This is for the Callanish Society - a wonderful cancer retreat centre in Vancouver. Again, all the details are on the site. 

Now back to work!

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