UHF II (Urich, Henderson, Forbes)

Tangible Records
Released 1995

Recorded by Rolf Hennemann at Mushroom Studios
Produced by Claire Lawrence and UHF

This is the second release from the “supergroup” of myself, Bill Henderson, and Roy Forbes.  The vocals… oh my… the vocals. I love these boys and their exceptional songwriting and playing.  

Track List

  1. Lifting My Heart (Roy Forbes)

  2. Watching the River Run (Shari Ulrich) (Lyrics)

  3. Wild One (Bill Henderson)

  4. Don't You Cry (Roy Forbes)

  5. There Must be Some Way (Bill Henderson)

  6. Changed Forever (Shari Ulrich) (Lyrics)

  7. Boiling River (Bill Henderson)

  8. Stand (Shari Ulrich) (Lyrics)

  9. I'm On the Edge (Roy Forbes)

  10. Time Will Take Its Toll (Shari Ulrich)

  11. Goodbye (Bill Henderson)

  12. Call Up an Old Friend (Roy Forbes)