Pied Who Pear What (Pied Pumkin)

Released 1976

Produced by Rick Scott and Joe Mock
Recorded and mixed by Geoff Turner at Pinewood Studios Vancouver, BC

Rick Scott and Joe Mock toured for 8 years after I left to join the Hometown Band and pursue a solo career. I contributed vocals, violin and alto sax to this recording and many Vancouver musical friends were a part of this album. Electric Pear at it’s best. Many of these songs are available on the Plucking deVine CD, but if you’re a vinyl collector….you can get it from me!

Track List

  1. No. 5 Orange

  2. Caught in the Rain

  3. Middle of Nowhere

  4. Mushroom Madrigal

  5. Eliza

  6. The Dynamite Band

  7. No. 1 Son

  8. Fool For the Blues

  9. Holy Angel