Lost & Undone (The HIgh Bar Gang)

True North Records
Released October 2013

Produced by Colin Nairne
Recorded on Bowen Island by Eric Reed
Mixed by Eric Reed

The debut album from the High Bar Gang – “A Gospel Bluegrass Companion” – with Shari, Barney Bentall, Colin Nairne, Eric Reed, Rob Becker, Wendy Bird & Angela Harris. Oldtime classics from the vaults of favourite songs of Colin Nairne and Ry Cooder.  

Track List

  1. Over In The Gloryland

  2. Walking In Jerusalem

  3. Angel Band

  4. Paul And Silas

  5. All My Tears

  6. Daniel Prayed

  7. Hand In Hand With Jesus

  8. Sinners You Better Get Ready

  9. Green Pastures In The Sky

  10. Rank Strangers

  11. Heaven's Light Is Shining

  12. Mother's Only Sleeping

  13. The Fields Have Turned Brown

  14. I Saw The Light