Talk Around Town

MCA Records
Released 1982

Produced by Claire Lawrence
Recorded at Bill Schnee Studio in Los Angeles, by Jeremy Smith
Additional recording at Pinewood Studios in Vancouver BC by Alan Perkins
Mixed at Le Studio in Morin Heights QC by Paul Northfield

This was the first recording I’d done in LA.  Some heavy hitters with Nathan East, Mike Baird, Marty Walsh and Robbie Buchanan on the beds. Surreal and heady and totally Pop!

Track List

Side One

  1. You're Making Me Nervous

  2. The One and Only (Lyrics)

  3. Mad Money* (written by Shari and Jean Roussel)

  4. I'm Not the One

  5. Through These Eyes* (written by Shari and Jean Roussel)

Side Two

  1. I Don't Wanna Talk About It

  2. With or Without You* (written by Shari and Jean Roussel)

  3. You're not so Innocent

  4. Love Turns To Ice* (written by Roy Forbes)

  5. Talk Around Town* (written by Roy Forbes)

All Songs written by Shari Ulrich except * as noted