Pumkids (Pied Pumkin)

Squash Records
Released May 2007

Recorded at Wits End on Protection Island
Produced by Valley Hennell
Engineered by Anthony Maki

This is the first and only kids album by the legendary Pied Pumkin –a logical step following Pumkin Rick Scott’s lengthy career in Children’s music. It won lots of awards in North America. My only two kids songs are on here – one I wrote for Sesame Street about Bowen Island, and “Annabelle’s Fiddle” about a little girl learning to play the violin. The latter won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for best chidlren’s song and is responsible for more than a few kids learning to play the violin. (Sorry parents!) The cover art is also the only work of visual art I’ve ever created! Not counting Julia.  

Track List

  1. Papa Do Wah Diddy

  2. Good Footin’

  3. Annabelle's Fiddle

  4. Amandine

  5. We’re Having A Party

  6. Upside Of Down

  7. Elephant Ride

  8. Little Tai 

  9. Bowen Island 

  10. Sebastaphone

  11. When the Bell Rings

  12. Valentine’s Day