Live at Cates Hill (BTU)

Esther Records
Released 2009

Produced by Shari Ulrich
Recorded by Anthony Maki
Mixed by Anthony Maki and Shari Ulrich

This is the first album from the Trio of Barney Bentall, Tom Taylor and Shari Ulrich – recorded less than a year after our first song circle in the same venue – which launched a magical and enduring collaboration.    

Track List

  1. Shoulder of the Road (Barney)

  2. Driving My Weary Heart Home (Tom)

  3. Just A Word (Shari) (Lyrics)

  4. I Never Meant to Make You Cry (Barney)

  5. My Own Way Home (Tom)

  6. Why Can't We Get Along (Shari) (Lyrics)

  7. Sending Out A Message (Barney)

  8. I'll Be Your Only (Tom)

  9. Living Water (Shari) (Lyrics)

  10. Flying (BTU) (Lyrics)