UHF II (Urich, Henderson, Forbes)

Tangible Records
Released 1990

Produced by Claire Lawrence and UHF
Recorded at Mushroom Studios by Rolf Hennemann

The first album by the accidental supergroup of myself, Bill Henderson and Roy Forbes. It was originally a CBC Transcription album thanks to Tod Elvidge, Robert Ouiment, and Andre La Riviere.

Track List

  1. When I Sing (Bill Henderson)

  2. Holding Out For You (Shari Ulrich)

  3. Keep Lightin' That Fire (Roy Forbes)

  4. Day By Day (Shari Ulrich)

  5. Golan Boys (Bill Henderson)

  6. Running Back to Her (Roy Forbes)

  7. House Up On the Hill (Shari Ulrich)

  8. Can't Go Home (Bill Henderson)

  9. When Life Explodes (Roy Forbes)

  10. One Step Closer to the Light (Shari Ulrich)