Find Our Way

Esther Records
Released January 2010

Produced and recorded by Shari Ulrich at Ulrich Productions
Mixed by Paul Shatto

This album realized a long held dream to see what would happen if I basically recorded an album on my own. Harder work than doing it as a team, but it was very rewarding.

Track List

  1. Find Our Way (Lyrics)

  2. Why Can't We Get Along (Lyrics)

  3. By the Grace of Goodbye (Lyrics)

  4. Everlasting Great Regret

  5. Life Goes On (Lyrics)

  6. Living Water (Lyrics)

  7. (Now You're) Gone (Lyrics)

  8. What She Left For Us (Lyrics)

  9. Rolling River (Lyrics)

  10. (You Will Always Be) My Friend