Tightrope Walk (BTU)

Borealis Records
Released Jan 2016

Recorded on Bowen Island by Julia Graff and James Perrella
Mixed by Julia Graff and James Perrella
Produced by Julia Graff, James Perrella, and BTU

We recorded this album at Barney’s house with Maddie & Tilly, Barney’s golden retreivers, providing just the right ambience. With minimal overdubs, it’s a true-to-life organic treatment of a batch of great songs.

Track List

  1. Chased By The Devil (Tom)

  2. You Know I Would (Shari)

  3. The Wind Don’t Lie (Tom)

  4. Long Lovely Love Affair (Barney)

  5. Tightrope Walk (Tom)

  6. You Got Lost (Shari)

  7. Vancouver 1914 (Barney)

  8. It’s the Little Things (Shari) (Lyrics)

  9. The Cowboy and The Horse (Barney)

  10. Disappearing (All)