Every Road

CBS Records/Esther Records
Released 1989

Produced by Graeme Coleman
Engineered and Mixed by Bill Buckingham
Co-Produced by Bill Buckingham and Shari Ulrich

This was the first album I made after my first 3 albums for major labels. It was on the cusp of Indie labels, and I just knew I couldn’t let whether or not I got another deal with a major label determine whether my recording career continued. It was distributed by CBS Records. “Value” is in the ear of the beholder. My instincts were right. 

Track List

  1. Legacies (Lyrics)

  2. Someday (Lyrics)

  3. Looking for Me

  4. Inside Passage

  5. The Heartland (Lyrics)

  6. House up on the Hill (Lyrics)

  7. Only the Heart

  8. The Jig

  9. Its Not Love

  10. Every Road (Lyrics)