The View From Here

Esther Records
Released August 1998

Produced by Shari Ulrich and Claire Lawrence
Recorded by Shari Ulrich at Ulrich Productions
Mixed by Blair Calibaba

I resumed touring 6 weeks after having my daughter – I just brought her along for the ride, and I know were both the better for it.  But the solitude required for writing was hard to come by. So though I recorded albums with the Pumkin, UHF and assembled a “Best of” of my earlier work in that time, it created a bit of a gap between solo albums. “I Will Be There” says it all.    

Track List

  1. I Found You (Lyrics)

  2. I Will Be There (Lyrics)

  3. Just a Word (Lyrics)

  4. Turning

  5. If You Loved Me (Lyrics)

  6. Secret Voices

  7. The View From Here

  8. Time Would Tell

  9. Ghosts and Regrets

  10. The Fisherman's Lament

  11. Watching the River Run (Lyrics)