Everywhere I Go

Borealis Records
Released March 2014

Engineered and Produced by Julia Graff and recorded at McGill University
Mixed by Julia Graff and Paul Shatto

This was the first collaboration with my daughter engineering and co-producing, and the experience was so wonderful. I had a month to write this record, which was at first terrifying, but then I quickly learned I can be a lot more prolific than I realized if I show up and stop whining! 

Track List

  1. Everywhere I Go (Lyrics)

  2. One Sky

  3. You Know I Would

  4. Free Fall (Lyrics)

  5. It's Alright (Lyrics)

  6. Making Friends with Gone (Lyrics)

  7. Dark Side of Pride (Lyrics)

  8. Rain Rain Rain (Lyrics)

  9. Still (Lyrics)

  10. This Life (Lyrics)